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Happy Handbag

Helping women in crisis situations

Happy Handbag is a private, not for profit, scheme set up to provide a handbag containing ladies personal items to women in time of great hardship and/or homelessness.  The majority of handbags donated are given directly to a lady in a crisis situation, through a local service provider or charity.  Some handbags are sold in order to produce funds to fill the other handbags with the hygiene items


Some beautifully donated filled bags 


More filled bags received for distribution to Service Providers


Bags of donated toiletries through Tesco stores


Underneath here is my guest bed - double size!

The Happy Handbag scheme started in Bristol in 2017 by Jeanne with a view to expanding our area as more donations of handbags are received. 
We now cover the Bristol, Gloucester, Bridgewater and Swindon areas.  


This is a Message from Nelson Trust - Swindon - 2017
"SG is a young woman having her first baby. She is single, on benefits and struggles due to her mental health. SG was given a baby boy bag whilst pregnant. She was most grateful to us and built on the items in the bag, nesting away until the birth of her son. SG and baby are doing well and thank Happy Handbags for the help and support given at a time when it was very needed. Thank you Happy Handbag lady, from all of the staff and, most importantly, all of the women at Nelson Trust Women’s Centre in Swindon."  25/3/2017

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